Technology: FREE TECH TUTORING: July 9-11

These sessions are open to individuals or business that are interested in learning more about technology. Submit a request for a tutoring session online or by calling 445-4011.
WHAT is Tech Tutoring?
Personalized, FREE 45-minute classes to learn more about Computers, Phones, Tablets, or any other technology.
WHO is this for?
Anyone can sign up!  Sessions will be tailored specifically to the skills, experience, and goals of the individual.
DO I need any previous experience?
These tutoring sessions are designed for all skill levels.  Both tech novices and more advanced users will benefit from our customized sessions. See the menu of suggested tutoring topics below for more ideas on what to learn about.
HOW do I Signup?
Submit a request online or by calling 445-4011.

Connecting to the Internet with a Library Mobile Hotspot

Want to check out a mobile internet device? Find out more details at:

Learn About Tech Resources from Google

We’re proud to partner with #GrowWithGoogle to help our community gain digital skills. Visit to find out more about the available online tools and training for local businesses and students of all ages. For guidance exploring these resources, sign up for Tech Tutoring session online.


Note: all regular classes listed below have been suspended since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many of these topics can still be addressed during personalized tutoring sessions held monthly.

How to Cut the Cord & Stream TV

Learn about hardware, digital streaming platforms, and antennas that enable you to stream content to your TV in a variety of new and constantly changing ways. Call 814-445-4011 or SIGN UP for this free class.

Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill

Learn about MVNO’s and how they can save you thousands of dollars on your cell phone bill while remaining connected in the way you want with the phone of your choice. Call 814-445-4011 or SIGN UP for this free class.

Free E-Books & Digital Audiobooks

Learn how to use “cloudLibrary” our digital collection of ebooks and digital audiobooks. After this class, you’ll be able to check out e-books and digital audiobooks to your Phone, Tablet, or Computer to read or listen offline. Call 814-445-4011 or SIGN UP for this free class.

Free Digital Magazines

Learn how to use “RB Digital”, our online collection of over 50 popular magazines. After this class, you’ll be able to browse, checkout, and read digital magazines on your Phone, Tablet, or Computer. Call 814-445-4011 or SIGN UP for this free class.

Scanning & Digitization

Learn how to scan & digitize documents, photos, slides, negatives, audio, and video. After this class, you’ll be familiar with the scanning equipment in our digitization station and have a basic understanding of how to scan materials on your own time. Call 814-445-4011 or SIGN UP for this free class or RESERVE scanning time for our “Document & Image Scanning” or “Multi-Media Digitization” stations.

ebayLearn How to Sell on eBay

Learn how to assess value, post, and ship items to sell on eBay or other online venues. Call 814-445-4011 to SIGN UP for this free class or also available to stream online: Watch a recording of class info from our YouTube Channel.
Download the presentation slideshow to follow along. 

Explore Digital Voice Assistants 

Join us for an informal conversation on the current state and future of voice assistants and artificial intelligence. An overview of Alexa, Google Home, & Siri will help to guide the discussion. Call 814-445-4011 or SIGN UP for this free class.

MENU OF IDEAS for possible Tech Tutoring Topics


  1. Set up an email account
  2. Learn more about basic computer and/or tablet skills
  3. Learn about different ways to get connected to the internet
  4. How to connect to WiFi at the library (and also places like restaurants & coffee shops)
  5. iPad vs. iPad mini: which tablet is right for me?
  6. What is a Google Chromebook? (hint: it’s a simple, virus-free laptop that never needs updating!)
  7. You Set the Agenda: What is it that you’d like to learn?

  1. Access your library account online to view/renew/hold books
  2. Print wirelessly at the library from your phone, tablet, or laptop
  3. Video chat with friends and family (Skype, FaceTime, or Hangouts)
  4. Learn how to optimize use of your existing phone, tablet, or laptop
  5. Introduction to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or Pinterest)
  6. Organize your contacts in the cloud (Apple, Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo)
  7. You Set the Agenda: What is it that you’d like to learn?

  1. Use cloud-based productivity suites (Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, or Apple iWork)
  2. Use cloud-based storage and file sharing (Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box)
  3. Use cloud-based services to manage photos (Apple, Google, or Flickr)
  4. Use cloud-based services to manage your music (Apple, Google, Amazon)
  5. Learn more about streaming music services (Apple, Google, Spotify, Pandora)
  6. Using Apple products? Learn how to sync your iPhone, iPad, and Macbook
  7. Project your phone/tablet/laptop to a big screen (Apple TV or Chromecast)
  8. Secure Online Password Management (LastPass, Apple Keychain, or Dashlane)
  9. You Set the Agenda: What is it that you’d like to learn?