Catalog: Search the Catalog

To search for books or materials, type a search term in the Search box. You can use the different fields (Type, Format, Library) to narrow your search as desired. We suggest changing the Library to Mary S. Biesecker Public Library to ensure that you find an item in our catalog; a general SPARK Libraries search will display all of the items in all libraries using SPARK. 

For example, if you want to find books by Kristin Hannah, type “Kristin Hannah” into the Search Box. A list of suggested prompts will appear underneath the search box. You can either click on one of these suggestions, or click the Search button. 

In the above image, the term “Kristin Hannah” is the search term, with auto-suggestions populated by the Search box for possible search terms and search types to use for the search.

After clicking the Search button, the Search Results populate on the screen:

The Search Results for a keyword search for the term “Kristin Hannah.”

The Search Results appear in the middle of the screen. You can refine the search results using the “Sort Records” field circled in red above.