Library Mobile Hotspot Internet Program

We’re excited to be partnering with the Somerset County Library system and T-Mobile to roll out a new hotspot checkout program that all library patrons can utilize. If you are not yet a library patron, we are welcoming any new patrons to explore this offer as well!

  • The monthly cost to checkout a hotspot device is $35 which can be automatically renewed every month.
  • There is no upfront equipment fee or contract to use this library service.
  • Please review the complete terms of the program below.
  • If you are interested in finding out if T-mobile internet will work at your home address, please fill out and submit this form to be added to the waiting list. A library representative will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss options further. Those who sign up will receive their hotspot on or soon after the first (1st) day of the following month. Note: Due to COVID-19 demand, the mobile hotspot supply chain has been disrupted and we anticipate a slow but steady rollout to circulate these new hotspot devices as they become available.
Saturday May 23rd @12pm

Terms of Library Mobile Hotspot Internet Program for Somerset County, PA:
  1. An internet hotspot will be provided to library patrons in Somerset County, PA and nearby areas to checkout for one month of unlimited, unthrottled internet. The monthly cost to checkout a hotspot is $35 which includes service and an administration/equipment fee.
  2. Patrons can automatically renew the hotspot in calendar-month intervals as long as they continue to pay the $35 monthly fee. The checkout period will be the first day of the month through and including the last day of the month.
  3. Renewal of the hotspot devices will be completed by receiving payment in full by the end of the first day of the month for that month. Setup of automatic payment will be required to minimize administration costs for this program.
  4. The quality and speeds of this service will be completely dependent on proximity to T-Mobile cell phone towers. The library will help assess if the service will be viable at a patron’s home address and may provide on-site signal testing as needed.
  5. If patrons wish to cease or stop paying for their hotspot service, a fee of $80 will be assessed if library-owned equipment, including hotspots and/or SIM cards, are not returned to the library within ten days.
  6. The library will continue to add patrons who are interested in this service with no expected cap or limit on the number of available devices.
  7. During times of network congestion, the small fraction of customers using >50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until the next bill cycle due to data prioritization. Congestion happens when any given T-Mobile tower approaches its designed capacity and is not yet a common occurrence in our area of rural PA.
  8. Patrons of the hotspot program agree to receive email and phone communications about hotspot account management as well as other library programming opportunities and newsletters.
  9. The Library and/or T-Mobile reserves the right to make amendments to these terms as necessary or warranted.