Maker Kits

Introducing our new Maker Kits! Provided by MackinMaker, our selection of STEM-related maker kits contains a maker tool for a specific science or skill, along with flashcards and a related book to enhance a child’s learning experience! Subjects include:


Looking to hone your animation skills? Check out our Animation Kit, featuring a Buddha Board! This fun activity allows you to paint shapes and pictures using just a brush and water! The kit also includes the book Paper Son, about Chinese-American animator Tyrus Wong who was famous for his work with Disney.


Want to build something cool? Check out our Architecture Maker Kit! This kit comes complete with three Mini-Materials construction kits; you can use 1:12 scale cinder blocks, pine pallets and red bricks to design your own scale models, limited only by your imagination. The kit also comes with a book, “Women of Steel and Stone,” which celebrates the achievements of women in architecture and design. 


Check out our Coding Maker Kit! This kit includes a Makey Makey Starter Kit, which allows you to control your computer using every day objects! It also comes with a book, “Diane Stanley: Poet of Science” and flashcards with suggested activities.

Design Thinking:

This Maker Kit celebrates Design Thinking! This kit comes with a Strawbees Maker Kit that allows kids to build and design projects using straws, along with flashcards and a book, “Just Like Rube Goldberg” by Sarah Aronson. 


Check out our Electricity Maker Kit! This comes with a Snap Circuits Basic Electricity Kit, which offers fun, easy and safe electrical projects for kids to try! The kit also comes with flashcards, AA batteries and a graphic horror Frankenstein storybook. 


Introducing our Engineering Maker Kit! This kit includes a K’Nex Education kit, Introduction to Structures: Bridges which will show young STEM students how to construct different kinds of bridges. The kit also comes with flash cards and a book, Rachel Dougherty’s “Secret Engineer: How Emily Roebling Built the Brooklyn Bridge.”


Create something new with our Machines Maker Kit! This kit comes with a K’Nex Classic Constructions Kit, allowing you to build dozens of flexible, movable models. The kit also comes with activity flashcards and a storybook, “Marvelous Mattie,” by Emily Arnold McCully.


See if you can solve our Math Maker Kit! This kit comes with a MAGFORMERS construction set, along with The Boy Who Loved Math by Deborah Heiligmann.


Introducing our Space Maker kit! This kit gives kids a unique way to explore outer space and astronomy-related concepts using a Merge Cube. The Merge Cube creates three-dimensional VR holograms which allow students to explore planets, galaxies and other science concepts at home. The kit also comes with challenge cards and a “Journey By Starlight” by Ian Flittcroft and Britt Spencer. 


Upcycling involves the reuse of old products to create something new. The kit includes a MakeDo construction tool kit designed for upcycling cardboard boxes, along with flashcards and the book “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer. 

All of our kits are available for patrons to check out for FREE in the children’s library!