Collections: e-Books & Digital Audiobooks

Our e-Book and Digital Audiobook collection is shared in a consortium with our district library system from all member libraries in Somerset, Cambria, and Indiana counties.  The collection can be accessed via any web browser at, but it’s more convenient for most people to access using one of two mobile apps, either “Libby” or “Overdrive”

To create an account:

Before starting, you must be an existing library patron.

If you are not yet a member of our library, please stop by and sign up for a card during our normal operating hours.

“Libby” is the newest app and is recommended as the best way to access the e-Books & Digital Audiobooks in our collection from a mobile device. To get this app, search for “Libby” in the app store on your device, or navigate to Libby’s website to get install links for compatible devices
“Overdrive” is the classic app and is compatible with the most devices, but can more difficult to use. One advantage to Overdrive is that it can stream videos if the member library offers this service, which our consortium does not. To get this app, search for “Overdrive” in the app store on your device, or navigate to Overdrive’s website to get install links for all compatible devices.
More than one library collection can be accessed from either the “Libby” or “Overdrive” apps. The Free Library of Philadelphia states “anyone who lives in the state of Pennsylvania can obtain a Free Library card without charge.” With this card, you can expand your access to thousands more eBooks, Digitial Audiobooks, and even streaming video. For more info on how to signup for a card, visit their website.