Sunny Gs Series of Rash Decisions

 by Navdeep Singh Dhillon

Sunny G’s brother left him one thing when he died: His notebook, which Sunny is determined to filll up with a series of rash decisions.  Decision number one was a big one:  He stopped wearing his turban, cut off his hair, and shaved his beard.  

Sunny debuts his new look at prom, which he’s stuck going to alone.  He’s skipping the big fandom party in favor of the Very Important Prom Experience.  An experience that’s starting to look like a burst.

Enter Mindii Vang, a girl with a penchant for making rash decisions of her own, starting with stealing Sunny’s notebook.  When Sunny chases after her, prom turns into an all-night-adventure–a night full of rash, wonderful, romantic, stupid, life-changing decisions. 

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