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The Strangers: Greystone Secrets

by Margaret Peterson Haddix

The Greystone kids thought they knew.  Chess has always been the protector over his younger siblings, Emma loves math, and Finn does what Finn does best–acting silly and being adored.  They’ve been a happy family, just the three of them and their mom.  But everything changes when reports of three kidnapped children–who share the same first and middle names, ages, and exact birth dates as the Greystone kids–reach the Greystone family.  The bizarre coincidence makes them wonder: Who exactly are these strangers? 

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The Cook and the King

by Juia Donaldson

The king searches his kingdom far and wide for the perfect cook.  He’s very particular, and none of the cooks can get the job done just right.  Until the king meets Wobbly Bob.  The king thinks Wobbly Bob might be the perfect fit, but there’s just one small hitch–Wobbly Bob is afraid of everything.  He’s afraid that he’ll nick himself with the sharp kitchen knives, and he’s afraid he’ll get dirt from the vegetable garden on his new apron.  Wobbly Bob needs a companion to help him feel brave, so the king himself tags along every step of the way.Share This Post With People You Know:

A Piglet Named Mercy

by Kate Dicamillo

Mr. Watson and Mrs. Watson live ordinary lives.  Sometimes their lives feel a bit too ordinary.  Sometimes they wish something different would happen.  and one day it does, when someone unpredictable finds her way to their front door.  In a delightful origin story for the star of the Mercy Watson series, a tiny piglet brings love (and chaos) to deckawoo Drive–and the Watsons’ lives will never be the same.Share This Post With People You Know:

Sadie and the Silver Shoes

by Jane Godwin

With three older brothers to pass along hand-me-downs, Sadie doesn’t have much to say in choosing her clothes.  Her outfits always look interesting, though (even if some kids at school might not think so).  But Sadie is allowed to pick her shoes, so one day she buys the most beautiful shoes ever–shoes that sparkle in the sun, shoes she wears everywhere.  That is, until Sadie and her brothers hop down a creek on an adventure, and one shoe falls off and is swept away.  Whatever will Sadie do with one silver shoe? 

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Make A Wish, Henry Bear

by Liam Francis Walsh

Henry Bear has very unusual parents.  They encourage him to stay up all night, eat chocolate cake at every meal, and get into trouble with his teacher.  But what happens when Henry Bear grows tired of indulging in childish things?Share This Post With People You Know:

Megabat and Fancy Cat

by Anna Humphrey

Megabat was looking forward to Christmas morning: presents, playing toys, smooshfruit and watching Star Wars.  But then Daniel opened his las special present; a beautiful cat named Priscilla!  Megabat is not sure he likes this cat.  But Daniel loves his new cat!  She’s fun to play with, and she’s so soft and fluffy.  Megabat is not soft OR fluffy.  He’s not purebred and he doesn’t have a big, beautiful swishy tail.  What if Daniel loves Priscilla more than Megabat?Share This Post With People You Know:

The Unbudgeable Curmudgeon

by Matthew Burgess

Have you ever seen a curmudgeon that looks like your brother, but is in such a bad mood you hardly recognize him?  You can try all the peanut butter sandwiches and brownies you have, but he is not moving.  Nothing works, especially nudging, and he just makes you so grumpy that eventually you have no choice but to fight back–and then…Have you ever become a curmudgeon that just won’t budge?Share This Post With People You Know:

Nobody Hugs a Cactus

by Carter Goodrich

Hank is the prickliest cactus in the entire world.  He sits in a pot in a window that faces the empty desert, which is just how he likes it.  So, when all manner of creatures–from tumbleweed to lizard to owl–come to disturb his peace, Hank is annoyed.  He doesn’t like noise, he doesn’t like rowdiness, and definitely does not like hugs.  But the thing is, no one is offering one.  Who would want to hug a plant so mean?  Hank is beginning to discover that being alone can be, well, lonely.Share This Post With People You Know:

Charlie & Mouse Even Better

by Laurel Snyder

In this heartwarming follow-up to Laurel Snyder’s award-winning beginning chapter book Charlie & Mouse, the two brothers prepare to celebrate one very special birthday: their mom’s!  Follow along as they choose the best pancakes, hunt for presents, decorate with snakes, and more.  Things don’t go exactly as planned…but with plenty of humor and heart, Charlie and Mouse prove that sometimes when things aren’t perfect, what they turn out to be is even better.Share This Post With People You Know:

Bat and the End of Everything

by Elana K. Arnold

Bixby Alexander Tam (nicknamed Bat) has been the caretaker for Thor, the best skunk kit in the world…but the last day of third grade is quickly approaching, and Thor is almost ready to be released into the wild.  The end of school also means that Bat has to say goodbye to his favorite teacher, and he worries about the summer care of Babycakes, their adorable class pet.  Not only that, but his best friend is leaving for a long vacation in Canada.  Summer promises good things, too, like helping out at the vet clinic and hanging out with his sister, Janie, but Bat can’t help but feel that everything is coming to an end.Share This Post With People You Know: