– COVID-19 Current Operating Status

Curbside Service for Checking out Materials & Printing

  1. Curbside Service for checking out materials and printing is available for current physical library cardholders.
  2. This service will be offered Monday – Friday, 10 am – 4 pm.
  3. Reserve your books or other catalog materials over the phone by calling 445-4011 or online at catalog.maryslibrary.com.
  4. Black and white print pickups will be available at no cost for up to 5 pages per day. Please email the files you want to have printed to info@maryslibrary.com.
  5. When you arrive, pull in to the street parking spaces at the front of the building on Rosina Avenue or walk to the front of the building (NOTE: the parking lot is currently closed due to ongoing construction)
  6. Upon arrival, call 445-4011 to let us know you are here to pick up your materials. Please stay in your car on the sidewalk if you are walking. A staff member will bring your materials outside and place them on a table at the front of the library. If you need special assistance, please ask.
  7. After your materials have been placed on the table and the staff member is at a safe distance, you can walk to the table and collect them.
  8. Materials that need to be returned should be placed directly in the book drop and not handed to staff or placed on the table.